Our Story

manThe Khong Guan of today shines as one of Asia Pacific’s best-known biscuit brands and oversees a vast distribution network worldwide. To date, the company runs an expanded business network with many factories and associate companies in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, The Philippines, Hong Kong and China.

Always on the lookout for expansion opportunities, Khong Guan products have made it onto store shelves in over 40 countries including the United States and the Middle East, as well as Japan and Papua New  Guinea.
Since 1982, Khong Guan has been a recipient of numerous Monde Selection gold medals. The Monde Selection represents the highest international accolade of quality. Starting in 1995, and for every single year since, Khong Guan has been awarded the ISO certification, with the latest award being ISO 22000:2005 Certification to both its Johore and Butterworth factories. The awards are testimony of Khong Guan’s commitment and dedication in ensuring and maintaining consistency and stringent quality standards for all its products.

Winning these awards goes to show that Khong Guan is serious about producing quality products. However it does not stop there, as the company is equally committed to offering variety at affordable prices. Always forward-looking, the Khong Guan Company follows a strict policy of providing more than just quality products. Guided by this policy, Khong Guan has implemented procedures that include research and development into further improving quality control, healthier and better tasting recipes, new product lines and innovative packaging.

iso-logos2Past achievements have not made the Company complacent, as constant creating of new products to fulfill the needs and tastes of its customers has shown. However all this would not have been achievable without a team of dedicated management and employees who share a common goal of producing top-notch products for both local and international markets. The result of constant dedicated research into product innovation and quality control has allowed Khong Guan biscuits to be proven delicious enough to earn a place as a mainstay of supermarket shelves around the world.

In a nutshell, as one of the pioneers in the biscuit industry, Khong Guan has firmly established itself as a household name trusted by all, with resounding repute not just locally but internationally as well. Khong Guan’s ever evolving expertise and long heritage guarantee its sustainability for generations to come.